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Ryder was born a healthy perfect baby boy almost two months old he already was holding his head up and turning to his side on his own he even imitated his dad’s funny faces sometimes he was a wonderful little baby who died unexpectedly when we put him to bed one night he had a big brother who loved him and dogs that looked at him all day long


Dustin Michael Sistrunk-Miller

Dustin was born in Austin, MN and then moved back to Mankato when he was 7 months old and was raised in Mankato. Untill his passing, Dustin loved music and had recorded a few songs. He graduated from West High School June of 2016. This was the happiest day of his life. On February 10, 2017, one week before his 20th Birthday, Dustin had spent the night at his producer\’s house in Mankato and passed away in his sleep.

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